A graduate from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, I hold the French National Teaching Degree ("agrégation") and a PhD in Philosophy. I also took a Master's Degree in Legal Theory. I taught and studied in various universities abroad (USA, Italy, Germany, Belgium).

I am currently an associate researcher of the International Center for the study of Contemporary French Philosophy (CIEPFC, ENS Paris). I also teach at the lycée Henri Wallon in Aubervilliers.

As an Academic, I am interested in the Metaphysics of Practical Reason and its link to the philosophy of language. My main research topics include the epistemology of human sciences, social theory and normative philosophy (contemporary theories of Justice).

I also have a genuine interest for Translation Studies, from a philosophical, legal and technological perspective. I run an NGO which has been developing for four years a digital environment dedicated to the collaborative translation of cultural texts: TraduXio.