A graduate from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, I hold the French National Teaching Degree ("agrégation") and a PhD in Philosophy. I also took a Master's Degree in Legal Theory. I taught and studied in various universities abroad (USA, Italy, Germany, Belgium).

I am Adjunct Professor at the Federal University of Brasilia (Brazil), where I teach theoretical philosophy (epistemology, philosophy of science) and general philosophy at an undergraduate level, and philosophy of social sciences at a graduate level.

As an Academic, I am interested in the Metaphysics of Practical Reason and its link to the philosophy of language. My main research topics include the epistemology of human sciences, social theory and normative philosophy. I also wrote on various French authors: Gilles-Gaston Granger, Paul Ricœur, Jean-Claude Passeron.

I also have a genuine interest for Translation Studies, from a philosophical, legal and technological perspective. I run an NGO which has been developing for four years a digital environment dedicated to the collaborative translation of cultural texts: TraduXio.